"Although involved in event, artwork and other commercial photography, Mark's heart lies on the streets. There he capture life’s little moments, mostly missed by the unobservant, but always a treat for a street photographer."
I take photographs that I like. I like to continually get better, and I like it when others enjoy my photographs. Art doesn’t have to be described using inaccessible vocabularies or by seeking deep meaning. Most artists produce work they enjoy. I explore my art for its beauty and to improve.
For me personally, I have discovered (unexpectedly), that the world actually is a more beautiful place than I realised. It is only by learning to ‘see’ that I am now fully aware of what is going on around me, the contrast, the light, life’s little moments. It really is a joy, but it takes a lot of work to get there. If I can also inspire others then my work is done.
The amazing and inspirational Saul Leiter summed it up – ‘I don’t have a philosophy, I have a camera’. I really hope you enjoy looking at my photographs. If you see something deep in them, it is of course intentional.
For some background into my process and some of my photographs, check out my blog articles.

Best in show 
London Photography Festival - 2014

Runner Up 
Photovoice Awards - March 2015

Runner Up

Photovoice Awards - May 2015

Honorable Mention 
London Photography Festival - 2016

London Photography Festival
12 - 24 May 2014


20-22 July 2014


Vestry House
Aug 2014

London Photography Festival
16-18 Oct 2014

The Print Space


6th March – 17th March 2015 “Reflections”

15th May – 31st May 2015 “Perspective”

Cityscapes Festival
25 April 2015

The Forge
Camden, London 
9 Nov 2015

London Photography Festival
19-21 May 2016

London Photography Festival

17th-20th May 2018

Harris & Hoole

November 2018


Various photographs have appeared in the national press, including:

BBC, ITV, The Telegraph, The Mirror, The Sun, The Star, The Daily Mail

  • re: Magazine
    June 2015

  • Leica Fotografie International
    December 2014

  • SO Magazine
    July 2014

  • Digital Camera World

    June 2014

  • Leica Fotografie International

    June 2014

  • Amateur Photographer Magazine

    6th June 2014

  • Amateur Photographer Magazine

    August 2011


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