Improve fast 

If you are ready to start becoming a proper photographer, then these workshop modules are designed to take you on the next stage of your journey.


Techniques discussed and practiced are all used by world class photographers. It took me many years of study to understand these techniques, not because they are difficult, but because they are rarely talked about. 

These workshops are not for you if you are looking for a technical guidance on how to use your camera shutter speed and aperture. These are workshops for individuals or small groups that want to take better street photographs, overcome fear and increase their hit rates.... You do not need a detailed technical understanding of your camera to  get great shots. Did you know that many of the best photographers in the world shoot on auto or semi auto? 


These modules cover everything you need to accelerate your street photography (and other photography of course).

How to See

Unless we can observe the world then we cannot find the pictures to take and will mostly shoot randomly. This module will help you to observe the world around you. It will suddenly become a more beautiful place. The techniques we will discuss will not only help you find great shots, but will also enrich your everyday life. This will help you identify contrast, great colour combinations, great scenes, and react quickly to fleeting moments. 

Overcoming Fear / Being Invisible

It's a scary place on the streets. Learn multiple techniques to be invisible, get in close unnoticed, dealing with confrontation. Overcoming fear is about having the techniques at your disposal and the confidence in those techniques. This will push you outside your comfort zone, but you will quickly build confidence as you see it working.

Techniques to Get More Awesome Images

There are methods to significantly improve your hit rate simply by increasing your luck. Street photography often requires luck, but we can create our own luck. By the end of this module you will be getting more great images.

Personal Workshop

This is specific to YOU. We begin by reviewing your best images to understand their weaknesses and where we need to focus. We will then work through techniques needed to go to the next level and then go out to practice.

All modules include time to practice and analysis of your photographs, More modules are coming and custom modules are available too.


I tend to run the workshops in either London or South East coastal towns like Margate or Brighton, but can be flexible to accommodate.


For a half day workshop the cost is £200, for a full day £350. It is the same cost if you share with friends. This is a tiny investment compared to buying a new lens or camera, and you will gain far more from it. If you do not come away entirely satisfied then you can ask for your money back. To book, simply fill in the form at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Depending on half day or full day we will be able to go into different levels of detail. Examples of additional levels of detail include:

  • The photographic process and how to use it.

  • Using your camera as a tool

  • What makes a great image

  • Image analysis from the masters of photography

  • Projects

  • Proofing and editing.

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