how to see & increase luck

By now you will have some experience on the streets but will be taking images that fall short of what you want to achieve. You may have tried different lenses and cameras but found that you have not improved, or you may be wondering how great photographers get such amazing shots. Here you will learn how to see things differently and how to find those great shots by understanding the luck that seems to be missing when you shoot. Indicative module contents are shown below.

  • 01/

    Great photographs

    What makes a great photograph anyway, a review and analysis of some great images and how they were taken.

  • 02/


    How great images are found on the streets, what luck really is involved and how to create your own opportunities. Techniques to maximise your hit rate, depth of field, layers, frame filling, decicisive moments.

  • 03/


    What it means to 'see', how you can practice it everywhere, how you know when you see it, what to look for.

  • 04/

    Shooting practice

    Time to get onto the streets and shoot. Practice some of the ideas discussed and get some images.

  • 05/


    We will review the images you have taken, how they can be improved and how to select a shortlist to show to others. We will also examine what you found hard and how to overcome it.

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