overcome fear and be invisible

Complementary to other modules, here we expand further on some of the secret techniques, focussing on how to get in close, remaining un-noticed and different ways to avoid conflict situations. It can be scary out there without a toolkit of techniques.

  • 01/

    Image analysis

    An overview of some techniques from master photographers that get in close and how they got their images.

  • 02/

    Getting close and conflict

    How getting close creates stronger images, distances, lens options, how to get close, how to avoid conflict.

  • 03/


    Secret techniques to remain unnoticed as used by master photographers. When to be visible, when to be invisible.

  • 04/

    Shooting practice

    Time to get onto the streets and shoot. Practice some of the ideas discussed and get some images.

  • 05/


    We will review the images you have taken, how they can be improved and how to select a shortlist to show to others. We will also discuss the obstacles your encountered mentally and how to overcome them.

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