introduction to street photography

This module is for those starting out in street photography or those that have been shooting unsuccesfully for some time. The content of this module is shown below. A lot of information will be provided, so please bring a notebook, a camera, lens, spare batteries, memory card and comfortable walking shoes.

  • 01/

    What is street photography

    An overview of the genre, what are great photographs, review of examples.

  • 02/

    How to go about it

    Your first steps onto the streets, how to use your camera, things to consider, the law, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, lenses.

  • 03/

    Improving your chances

    Introduction to zone focussing, compositon, finding scenes and characters, framing.

  • 04/

    Shooting practice

    Time to get onto the streets and shoot. Practice some of the ideas discussed and get some images.

  • 05/


    We will review the images you have taken, how they can be improved and how to select a shortlist to show to others.

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