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Behind the Image - Expresso Bar (Street Photography)

This photograph sat in my camera for a while before I downloaded it. Strangely enough, when I came to review the image I realised I had something nice, but couldn't for the life of me remember where I had taken it (which is very unlike me).

I knew I had been trawling East / North London, but did not recognise the location. I went back out and retraced my steps, still couldn't find it. I even studied the tube station reflection to try to identify it, but no luck.

The photograph was taken in Feb 2014, and it wasn't until summer of 2016 that I randomly came across the location again while out shooting. What hit home to me was the importance of the weather in being able to get the shot. The scene in the summer was nothing like it was in the winter of 2014 when there was steamy windows, subtle reflections and grey skies. These conditions were essential for the shot to work.

Bad weather = awesomeness
Bad weather = awesomeness

This is a good illustration how a photograph cannot be easy reproduced at any time; it not only needs the right vision, but also the right conditions. The photograph is a particular moment when everything worked.

I would not say this is in my usual style, but the photograph was there to be taken. I love the little details within the shot, especially the little pink handbag, and how the small propeller man graffiti reflected also appears in one of my other images to provide some continuity. The other photograph is rubbish. I kept it as a reminder of the importance of being somewhere at the right time.

Same location, different time = far less awesome
Same location, different time = far less awesome


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